Drop Shipments (Triangle Shipments)

The Drop Shipments are the ultimate solution to reduce costs and transit time, and also to protect the identity of the exporter to the buyer. With the drop shipments, you don’t need either to keep goods stock in your warehouse.

How does it work ?

Here is an example :

You are the seller and you are located in Israel.

The exporter / shipper is in Djibouti and the buyer / consignee sits in France.

You, as the seller, don’t want the shipper and the consignee to be in contact and make business together without you being an intermediate.

This is drop shipment.

In such a case, we will issue a “blind” BL (or a “switch” BL), where the shipper’s contact details will not appear to the consignee. The shipper’s information is protected. Moreover, you won’t need to have the goods in stock at yours, as the shipper sends directly to the buyer.

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